The Family Birthing Center- We Deliver Dreams


Having a baby is a wonderful experience. During your stay at Regional, you can expect to receive outstanding care from some of the finest physicians and nurses in Santa Clara Valley. Our nursing staff provides round-the-clock support and care for all patients, and work very closely with our doctors to ensure the highest level of comfort and safety.

Our all-new Family Birthing Center provides large private rooms that allow mothers and their partners/family members to experience the miracle of childbirth in a beautiful, comfortable, nurturing environment

Our LDRP (Labor, Delivery, Recovery, Post-partum) rooms, allow mothers to stay in 1 room throughout the entire birthing process.

Regional provides family-centered care (also known as couplet care), in which mother and baby stay together from childbirth to discharge. Couplet care is an evidence-based best practice that facilitates family bonding, and supports successful breastfeeding.

Communication will not be a barrier during your stay. Our multicultural staff speaks several languages and dialects. We also have access to the CyraCom language help line to assist patients who are unable to communicate.

Regional has put together a complete birthing package that helps to educate and prepare all members of the family. Services include:

  • 24/7 Obstetricians, Pediatricians and Neonatologists
  • Level II Intensive Care with 6 NICU beds
  • Overnight accommodations for parents
  • Inpatient and outpatient consultations
  • Immediate after-delivery consultations
  • After-discharge phone support
  • Breast pump loan program for neonatal intensive care parents
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Maternity tours

Childbirth Education and Infant Care Classes.

  • Childbirth classes offered in English and Vietnamese
  • Infant Care Classes

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Childbirth education and infant care classes are free if you are pre-registered to deliver your baby at Regional Medical Center. For free class registration, please call ( 888) 762-8881 .