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Care Like Family Millie

Care Like Family Millie
Posted on: 03/09/2023

A comforting touch…kind words…it means a lot to Millie and her granddaughter Mildred. Millie is in her 90s and was rushed to Regional Medical Center’s emergency room after she fell outside a store.

“Yazmin was her nurse while we were down there and she was so kind and caring and I could tell she was busy, like super busy, but she stopped took a breath and asked us what can I do to make it better…A lot of hospitals they make you feel like you’re just a number or a chart and Yazmin really made us feel like we were people and humans and showed true genuine care,” says Mildred.

Feeling that compassion made all the difference and it extended throughout the other units in the hospital.

“So that didn’t just stop at the emergency room so when we did come up here. Melissa has been extremely nice and extremely kind and all of the nurses are treating my grandma like she’s their grandma,” said Mildred.

Melissa, a nurse at Regional Medical Center, always tries to make a connection with her patients. She was touched Mildred appreciated her care.

“That makes me feel like the care I’m feeling is actually making a difference and it makes me feel good about the care that I’m giving,” said Melissa.

Mildred found that besides listening to her grandmother, the care team also took what she had to say into account.

“They don’t discount me at all when I’ve tried to advocate for her. If I’m asking for something to make her comfortable or for a pillow, they’re on it! And if they can’t get it, they at least tell me I’m sorry can you give me 15 minutes,” said Mildred.

“Ever since I’ve been here they’ve been really really attentive you know and taking care of me. And if I asked for something for pain, they would help me. They were just super super good,” said Millie.

Melissa is glad that Mildred felt seen and heard and she feels comfortable leaving her grandmother in Regional’s care. And that is our goal….excellent care…care like family.

Care Like Family Millie
Posted on: 03/09/2023

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