Laura Bolton and her family suffered a loss that felt unbearable. Her husband Jason was in a serious car crash that left him in critical condition with serious brain trauma. He was transported by helicopter to Regional Medical Center of San Jose which has a Level 2 trauma center. The medical staff and care team did everything they could, but the damage was severe and permanent.

“When they brought me in they showed me the scans of his head. He had a skull fracture from ear to ear and significant brain trauma and they were very honest and straightforward with me that he probably wouldn’t survive. The doctor was really sweet and took his time and showed me everything and answered my questions,” said Laura.

After several days of testing brain function, Laura made the decision to donate Jason’s organs so he could give the gift of life to others who were fighting to stay alive. The nurses and staff were with Laura and her family acting as a support system along with Donor Network West, the organization that facilitates organ donation. According to Donor Network West, on average 22 people die waiting every day because an organ is not available in time.

Jason was able to donate his heart, liver and both kidneys… saving three lives. Visit Donor Network West for more information.