Nurses are the heart of healthcare, and each year, we especially celebrate them during National Nursing Week. The week, from May 6 – 12, is a time to recognize and appreciate the amazing contributions nurses have on our individual wellbeing and community health.

There are many types of nurses, but they all bring highly specialized skills, critical thinking, and a dedication to delivering compassionate care. At Regional Medical Center, we’re privileged to employ more than 500 nurses in multiple specialties, including emergency care, cardiology, stroke, wound care, physical therapy, and many more.

We’re proud to have such dedicated and talented people that dedicate their lives to improving lives. Here is what just a few of our nurses had to say about their career:

“Every day, nurses at Regional and around the world are there for someone when they need it most,” said Nanette Logan, Chief Nursing Officer of Regional. “Being a nurse takes a person that’s both highly technically-trained and emotionally intelligent. It’s not easy work, and that’s why this week, and every week, we honor and cherish nurses.”

Health care is the largest industry in the United States, accounting for more than 14 percent of all U.S. workers. A vast majority of these workers – more than 4.2 million – are nurses. No other profession is as highly regarded as nursing: The industry has been ranked the most trusted for 20 years in a row.

“Our nurses are often the front door of health care to our community,” said Ken West, CEO of Regional. “Their skills, compassion, and perseverance keep all of us going, and we couldn’t be more blessed that they chose to work here.”

Thank you to all nurses at Regional and everywhere around the world. Here’s to you!