From the first responders arriving at the scene to hospital transport, every second counts in an emergency. That’s why Regional Medical Center is pioneering an innovative approach that coordinates the prehospital journey to help deliver high-quality care.

The program, named “One Team,” is a unique approach to organizing health care. It forms a strong partnership between emergency medical services – including ambulance, fire, police, helicopter transport, and training programs – and the hospital. Through group trainings, field case studies, and community outreach, the program has been able to create better patient outcomes.

“One Team” is the brainchild of police-officer-turned-emergency-room-nurse Kevin Greer. He and other staff started the program after seeing a disconnect between first responders and hospital staff. But by creating an atmosphere of learning and collaboration, they were able to create stronger bonds between all parties involved.

The program caught on, and now in its tenth year, is an example of how a complex health care system, can evolve and improve.

“The One Team program is a testament to the outstanding first responders who share our vision for improved, integrated care in East San Jose and beyond,” said Kevin Greer of Regional Medical Center. “We’re excited to continue and expand this program to deliver even better care to the community.”

Regional marked the 10-year anniversary May 16, 2022, with a tribute at the hospital. Hundreds of firefighters, police officers, emergency medical technicians and emergency room care providers were honored by hospital staff. Tony Torres, a patient who suffered a heart attack and received care at Regional credits One Team’s fast and integrated response for saving his life. He is grateful for the collaboration.

“One Team is a shining example of our commitment to advancing community care,” said Ken West, CEO of Regional Medical Center. “We believe this is just the beginning of this innovative program, and we’re excited and proud to advance high-quality into the next era.”