Investigational Research Trials

  • ProTECT Trial: Use of progesterone in traumatically brain injured patients
  • POINT Trial: Platelet inhibition for TIA and ischemic stroke patients
  • STOP Trial: Use of Therasphere stent in Unresectable Liver Carcinoma
  • EPOCH Trial:: Targeted chemotherapy treatment for lymphoma
  • Medication Trial: Efficacy of Tenofovir vs. Adefovir for Chronic Hepatitis B patients
  • Surgical Outcome Trial: Single Incision Surgery Study in a Community Surgical Practice
  • Santa Clara Assessment of Missed Posterior Strokes (SCAMPS) Trial: To trial a new assessment tool used to identify strokes occurring in the back of the brain.

Humanitarian Use Device Studies

  • Therasphere: Device in treatment of metastatic liver tumors
  • Penumbra 3D: Device used to revascularize stroke patients
  • Wingspan Stent: Used to open arteries for patients with repeated strokes (TIAs), to treat atheroschlerosis (narrowing of the intercranial arteries)
  • Neuroform Stent: used to treat brain aneurysms

Regional Physicians Published in International Radiation Oncology Journal

Research titled "Development of a Standardized Method of Contouring the Lumbosacral Plexus" was accepted for manuscript publication in the International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology and Physics. Regional physician, Dr. Ly Do the lead investigator and senior author on the project and completed the research along with Regional physician, Dr. Morteza Dowlatshahi and other leading academic universities.

This journal is the most prestigious and well known journal of the field of Radiation Oncology and is peer reviewed by the most well respected experts of the field. It is an honor to have passed the rigorous methods of acceptance for publication, and will be incorporated in all future phase I, II and III protocols involving the treatment of pelvic tumors conducted by the RTOG (Radiation Therapeutic Oncology Group), which is the largest body of research for Radiation Oncology.

RMC Participating in Traumatic Brain Injury Trial

RMC is participating in the ProTECT III Trial, a research project that has been approved by the Western Institutional Review Board (IRB). RMC was invited, along with Stanford and Valley Medical Center, to participate in the trial because of our high volume and clinical expertise regarding our head injury population.

Progesterone for the Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury (ProTECTtm III) is a research study to see if progesterone, a hormone normally found in our bodies, is useful in limiting the amount of brain damage from TBI. Many animal studies and two small studies in humans suggest that progesterone given after TBI, may result in less brain damage. The ProTECT III study will test these findings and determine how helpful this treatment is in adults with moderate to severe TBI.

Principal investigators (PI's) for Regional are Rick Kline, MD, Medical Director of Trauma Services and Neurosurgeon Ken Blumenfeld, MD.

This project supports Regional's role as a lead Trauma Center!