Pre Procedure Clinic (PPC)

Committed to providing the highest standards of service and quality to our patients

Undergoing a surgical procedure can be unsettling. Regional Medical Center’s Pre Procedure Clinic is here to help prepare and guide you through your surgery and to maintain your safety throughout the process.

Services Offered

The PPC clinic provides information and education so you’ll know exactly what you can expect through the entire surgical experience, including what is needed for a seamless registration process.

PPC staff will coordinate the completion of your lab and other test results ((e.g. EKG, X-Ray) which are needed before your surgery

At the PPC, your physician is involved before your procedure begins to reduce the risks of surgery.

PPC Information:

Location:   225 North Jackson Avenue San Jose, CA 95116 (Tower 3, First Floor)

Phone: (408) 928-7078

Hours of Operation: 7:30am - 5:00pm

Commonly Asked Questions

How can I schedule my PPC appointment?

Based on the unique needs of each patient, you could be scheduled for an appointment in the clinic or you may only need a phone appointment. You will be contacted by the PPC Registered Nurse before surgery and scheduled for your appointment.

How long are PPC appointments?

Because we consider each patient’s individual needs and conditions, you may need a 30 minute or 60 minute appointment. The PPC Registered Nurse will inform you on how long your appointment will be.

What time should I go to my PPC appointment?

Please arrive for your PPC appointment 20 minutes before the scheduled appointment time to start the registration process.

What should I bring to my PPC appointment?

  • Photo ID
  • Insurance Card
  • Medication Bottles or List
  • Physician paper work
  • Physician orders
  • Credit Card/Check/Cash

Where should I park for my PPC appointment?

Patients should park on Lot A or L. Enter the main entrance on McKee Road.              

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Where is the PPC located and how can I contact the clinic?

225 North Jackson Avenue San Jose, CA 95116
(Tower 3, First Floor)
Phone: (408) 928-7078

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