As you walk through the halls at Regional Medical Center you will notice words displayed on our walls in several places: Clinical Excellence, Operational Excellence and Service Excellence. These are not just words to your caregiving team but rather our commitment and practice as we care for you or your loved ones. Delivering excellent care to every patient every time is our number one priority at Regional Medical Center.

We realize that a stay in the hospital or even coming for tests can be intimidating and produce anxiety for both patients and families. Our staff is committed to support you and your family during this time and will do all we can to provide information, resources, and top quality care.

Your Care Team

Your care team consists of many different people representing different components of your continuum of care.


Each day there will be a nurse assigned to care for you and their name and contact information will be written on the white board in your room. Our nurses work 8 hour shifts so you will typically see three different nurses each day.

Hourly Visits: At Regional Medical Center our nursing staff is committed to proactively identifying and meeting your needs. Each nurse assigned to your care (3 in a 24 hour period) will be checking on you approximately every hour (even while you are sleeping) to assess your condition and determine if you need anything.

Of course, you are welcomed and encouraged to use the call button conveniently located on your bed should you need assistance between the regularly scheduled visits.

Nurse Leader Visit: Each day you should receive a visit from a nurse leader who has supervisory responsibilities and authority to make decisions and changes that can improve your care.

Nominate an Extraordinary Nurse


Your personal physician may care for you during your hospital stay if he/she has Active privileges with our medical staff. Regional Medical Center also provides 24 x 7 care by a team of Board Certified physicians that specialize in caring for hospitalized patients whether in the Emergency Department, the Intensive Care Unit or on a Medical/Surgical floor.

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA):

CNA’s typically provide assistance with bathing, dressing, eating, toileting and oral care and is often the person who gets the vital signs, weights and height measurement.

Additional Care Team Members:

  • Environmental Services Representatives
    Our team of professionals that keep your room and our facility clean
  • Lab Technicians
    Draw blood each morning to provide your physician with needed information on your current condition
  • Imaging Technicians
    Experts in obtaining clear and accurate images (X-rays, CT Scans, MRI)
  • Respiratory Therapists
    Professional staff that delivers breathing treatments when needed
  • Rehabilitation Therapists (Speech, Physical or Occupational Therapists)
    Certified professionals that provide therapies that help you in your path to recovery
  • Case Managers and Discharge Planners
    Trained staff to assist with your transition to the next phase of your recuperation
  • Registered Dieticians and Nutritionists
    Certified professionals in developing the perfect dietary plan to aid in your healing

Education, Resources & Technology

Patient Channel:

The Patient Channel delivers round-the-clock educational programming designed to empower heart and stroke patients to better manage their own care and recovery to live longer, healthier lives. Through The Wellness Network, Regional patients are also offered a Newborn channel, MedSerenity channel and programs about cancer, diabetes, pain management and more. Programs can be accessed on tablets, through an online portal and on a dedicated in-facility TV channel. The on-demand feature allows patients to view programs via internet while they’re in the hospitals as well as when they go home.

MyHealthOne Patient Portal:

MyHealthOne consolidates many tasks into one secure, easy-to-use online patient portal. It gives you 24/7 access to your personal health information on your desktop computer, laptop or mobile device and allows you to:

  • Find a doctor
  • Sign up for classes and events
  • View details of recent hospital visits
  • View hospital lab results
  • Manage the health of your loved ones
  • Pre-register for procedures
  • View and pay hospital bills

Start managing your health today

What To Do If I Have Concerns:

It is a simple process to report concerns. It is our intention to solve any issues in a timely manner so the following is a process to address problems:

  1. Notify any staff in the room (Nurse, CNA, etc.)
  2. Ask to speak to the Charge Nurse
  3. Request a meeting with the Nurse Leader
  4. Contact (408) 259-5000 Ext. 6040

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