1. Nursing Pillow

Ease back and neck pain during those frequent feedings
Get one with a removable, washable cover

2. Swaddler

Swaddle your baby before bed for easier sleep

3. Wearable Baby Wrap

Keep your baby close while keeping your hands free

4. Nursing Camisoles

Make it easier to nurse without worrying about what you’re wearing

5. Diaper Supply Kit

Make sure you have at least one pack of newborn-sized diapers
Don’t forget diaper rash cream and baby wipes

6. Medical Supplies

Get gas drops, saline drops, infant Tylenol, and an ear thermometer
Always check with your pediatrician before giving your newborn medication

7. Support from Regional Medical Center of San Jose’s Family Birthing Center

Pre-register for delivery to get free prenatal classes
Get phone support after discharge
Sign up for breastfeeding classes


Provided by Regional Medical Center