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Regional Medical Center of San Jose Introduces 4D, Full Volume Cardiovascular Ultrasound System

San Jose, CA — Regional Medical Center of San Jose announced today that it has acquired an advanced cardiovascular Ultrasound system from GE Healthcare. The Vivid E9 echocardiography scanner gives clinicians a 4D, full volume view of a patient's heart along with the ability to take specialized measurements of the heart's function. The scanner is considered "4D" because the physicians can view a three dimensional (3D) picture of a beating heart, with time adding a fourth dimension.

With this new equipment, Regional brings increased benefits to the community of San Jose and the surrounding area by offering physicians the ability to detect and diagnose subtle heart conditions. The increased capabilities of the Vivid E9 can help physicians better diagnose and treat their cardiovascular patients, enhancing diagnostic confidence for the entire care team.

The Vivid E9 uses advanced echocardiography techniques, allowing physicians to capture images of the heart from multiple viewing angles simultaneously. Acquiring multiple images from the same heartbeat without moving the probe results in accurate cardiovascular information in fewer, faster steps. "The physicians at Regional have a new tool to help them diagnose cardiovascular disease for their patients," said Mike Johnson, Regional's President and CEO. "The advanced features of the Vivid E9 could shorten exam time and increase the diagnostic information obtained from each patient. In some cases we can gather a tremendous amount of data in one, single heartbeat."

The addition of the Vivid E9 allows Regional to perform a number of enhanced clinical tests.

  • 4D Imaging: A "beating heart" display of 3D images of the heart provides advanced information on heart structure and added insight into how well the heart is doing its job.
  • 4D measurement tools:The ability to take measurements on the full volume, 3D pictures of the heart enhance the cardiologist's ability to understand how well the heart muscle is pumping blood to the body.
  • Measuring Heart Synchronization: Measurements can be made to understand if the heart is pumping with the correct rhythm. This information is important in understanding heart function and is useful when patients are being evaluated for pacemaker surgery.
  • Detecting heart wall abnormalities: Proper motion of the heart wall is an important indicator of heart function and the Vivid E9 incorporates special tools for the cardiologist to "grade" a patient's heart wall motion, providing guidance in treatment and follow up with the patient.

These advanced features of the Vivid E9 enhance cardiologists' ability to detect and diagnose heart conditions and provide a positive influence to the diagnostic confidence of physicians at Regional.

"We're enhancing the speed and accuracy of patient exams and are now able to offer advanced clinical tools, thanks to our new Vivid E9," said Johnson. "This technology benefits the physicians, our patients and their families. We are very pleased to be able to bring this technology to Silicon Valley."

About Regional Medical Center of San Jose

Regional Medical Center of San Jose is a Level II Trauma Center staffed by in-house specialists 24/7/365. The hospital provides a host of technologically-advanced services including Cardiovascular, Neuro, Orthopedic and General Surgery, Interventional Pulmonology, along with multi-organ Cancer Care, and services for Women and Children. Regional holds Joint Commission advanced certification as a Comprehensive Stroke Center and a Get with the Guidelines - Stroke Gold Plus Performance Achievement Award from the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association. It is a certified Chest Pain Center, Certified Atrial Fibrillation Program, county-designated STEMI (heart attack) receiving center, and an ACoS accredited Community Cancer Center. Regional is a recipient of Healthgrades 2015 Distinguished Hospital Award for Clinical Excellence. It is recognized by the Joint Commission as a 2011, 2012, 2013 Top Performing Hospital on Key Quality Measures™. The hospital has also been recognized by U.S. News and World Report and Healthgrades as a top performing hospital, and is home to the San Jose Institute for Robotic Surgery. For more information, visit:

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