Neurological Services Team

Neurological Services Team

The Expert Team
At the center of the neurology team is a talented group of highly skilled neurologists, neurosurgeons, nurses and support staff who truly care about the well-being of all patients. Our physicians are trained in handling complex cases and work together to provide positive patient outcomes. Under the direction of Medical Director Kenneth Blumenfeld, M.D., Regional's neurovascular services program's collaborative approach focuses on maximizing each patient's recovery time and improving the way we deliver care. We are dedicated to ensuring all patients get the very best care Regional has to offer. Our staff is available 24 hours per day, seven days a week for immediate medical assistance.

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  • Kenneth S Blumenfeld, MD<br>

    Kenneth S Blumenfeld, MD
    2577 Samaritan Dr
    Suite 710
    San Jose, CA 95124

  • Raul  Guisado, MD<br>

    Raul Guisado, MD
    2516 Samaritan Drive
    Suite K
    San Jose, CA 951244108

  • Pacific Neurology Center<br>

    Pacific Neurology Center
    200 Jose Figueres Avenue
    Suite 200
    San Jose, CA 95116

  • 25 N 14th Street
    Suite 660
    San Jose, CA 95112

  • Xihua  Sun, MD<br>

    Xihua Sun, MD
    349 S. Monroe Street
    Suite 10
    San Jose, CA 95128