Diagnostic Imaging

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Diagnostic Imaging

CT ScannerPhysicians of old could only imagine what was inside the human body until surgeons opened it up to take a look. Today’s physicians and patients have much better choices. Because of the amazing advances in medical science and technology, diagnostic imaging is now a vital part of patient care. Once simply known as an X-ray Department, the field of medical imaging now encompasses numerous technological breakthroughs that serve as an alternative to surgical exploration and helps physicians gain a clearer picture of what happens inside the human body.

The Diagnostic Imaging Department at Regional Medical Center of San Jose offers comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services specifically designed to meet each patient’s needs. Our highly-skilled team of imaging physicians and specialists, paired with our advanced technology work together to provide the most accurate outcome.

Expert Imaging Specialists
Our talented team of licensed professionals is committed to providing outstanding patient care and services. The Imaging Team, directed by Kyle Yu, MD, is dedicated to understanding and improving the health of all patients.

State-of–the-Art Radiological Equipment
Regional Medical Center of San Jose has acquired new equipment to keep pace with advancing medical technology. There have been remarkable innovations in diagnostic imaging recently. Early detection is an important aspect in combating disease and having advanced diagnostic equipment boosts the hospital’s ability to understand our patients' needs.

Some of the Services We Offer:
Computerized Tomography (CT) Scanning
- Our Philips Brilliance 64 slice CT scanner can examine the entire body and produce sharp, detailed, 3-dimensional images of any organ in just seconds. It is equipped with a set of programs and protocols to ensure an optimal image with superior quality, while minimizing a patient’s radiation exposure.

The 64-channel configuration system is the ideal CT scanner for a wide range of diagnostic applications in chest, trauma, abdomen, pelvis, angiography, and vascular and stroke assessment.

Mammography Screening - For women’s health, Regional offers a modern GE Mammography system. It allows a woman to feel confident that the examination will produce the highest quality mammogram. According to the American Cancer Society, the majority of breast cancer occurs in women with no special “risk factors.” Therefore, every woman over the age of 40 is encouraged to receive regular breast screenings. A mammography is a diagnostic tool that is commonly used to detect breast cancer. The information provided on the mammogram can also assist the physician in managing a palpable lump. All screening exams are performed by trained mammography specialists who care about helping you and your physician get the most accurate outcome. We are available for day, evening and weekend appointments.

Fluoro/Radiography - The latest addition is our GE Legacy Fluoro/Radiographic Room. This system provides the most up-to-date diagnostic technology in regard to speed and accuracy. Regional will soon be acquiring an Infinia Camera with Hawkeye. This is a sophisticated unit that presents greater accuracy in detection of disease and pinpoint precision in finding its location. It is a combined Nuclear Medicine/CT system. Its versatility, exceptional image quality and productivity will help physicians arrive at clearer assessments and help them to better plan patient treatment.

Angiography - In the area of angiography, Regional offers the GE Innova 4100. This system lets physicians treat a variety of medical disorders, including peripheral vascular disease, cardiovascular and neurological diseases, uterine fibroids, and other conditions – without major surgery. With the Innova 4100, physicians will be able to see clearly inside a patient through digital real-time imaging, while guiding catheters and other medical devices to areas of the body needing treatment. These instruments of up-to-the-minute technology produce images with the most detailed and accurate information. And faster diagnoses by physicians means less risk for patients.

Ultrasound - Ultrasound is a diagnostic procedure that uses sound waves to produce real-time images of the inside of the human body that can be displayed on a computer monitor. Commonly used to help physicians view unborn infants, an Ultrasound is safe and radiation-free. During a typical examination, a warm, water-soluble gel is applied to a hand- held transducer that is placed on the surface of the skin. Short pulses of sound waves travel into the body and produce an internal image of the human body.

General X-Ray - A general X-ray is one of many techniques that can be used to help your doctor determine the best medical treatment for you. Our state-of-the-art X-ray equipment means that you benefit from the latest in digital imaging technology. Even when we perform routine or specialty X-ray exams, you can always be confident that our advanced equipment and our highly-trained staff produce precise results.

Diagnostic ImagingOur Team Cares
Our caring team of imaging professionals understands that our patients may be intimidated by the sights and sounds of the equipment used to perform various tests. However, we offer a warm and comfortable environment that will put you at ease and help you overcome any discomfort or anxiety you may have. In addition, our knowledgeable team of licensed specialists is available to answer all your questions. We know that your time is valuable, our specialists will expedite your care while providing the quality of service that you deserve.