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Extraordinary group of care givers

The emergency room, and ICU staff at Regional Medical Center are an extraordinary group of care givers. My Son was in a car accident on Thursday of last week, and the ambulance delivered him to Regional where the ER staff worked on him and I believe they saved his life. He then went to the ICU where he was given the best care possible. The night nurse I believe his name is Mark ; a gentleman with a heavy southern accent is the best of the best. He was attentive and caring to my Son. He was also concerned with my wife and I who were at his bedside while he was in the ICU. He took the extra time to talk with us, to explain things to us, and he also made sure we ate and slept. I hope they read this and that they know what they mean to my family. I love them all.

Reviewed 10/9/11 on Yelp

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